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    Lightbulb what can be the best mobile device in terms of its structure and material .

    what should it be with less or more screen body ratio what material carbon fiber , plastic , metal or some other stuff (maybe outer space) ?
    what can it look like same old or something new like samsung trying these days eg its curved screens or oppo camera which rotates
    usb c seems best thing with its reversible stuff
    where and how buttons should be their so its easy to use by one hand or two hands its in my right or left should not matter much like lg they placed button on back panel or samsung s6 or zte bezelless they placed buttons as touch on the edges
    so the big question is their a ideal design possible and by ideal its not always apple (going towards being crap but its still good)
    where camera and flash should be placed like my fingers cover camera or i am not able to take good pic as flash is too near the camera
    how can it be good enough and still be slim is too slim always good i fear it will break if it cannot bend (lol iphone again sorry steve but this time it was not you)
    where the music jack should be like is it good if headphones are above or below
    and lastly speakers htc style all front or at back or hidden de we even use to listne music ?
    one day their would be ideal and open design for mobiles and thinking of modular phones (the modular hardware phone or project ARA) can their be modular design phone like i want this body that type of screen buttons to be their camera their but still it can be a great mess or something super we can only know by working on it

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