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    Invisible Ink #1

    Here is a ghostly ink that will also leave a scent. Their's a civilized method of doing this and a gross one. Lets try the nice one first
    What you will need

    1. a fresh lemon or onion​


    1. knife
    2. cotton swab
    3. small bowl
    4. white paper
    5. lamp/heat

    1. have an adult cut and squeeze the lemon or puree the onion in a blender and pour the juice into a small bowl
    2. dip the cotton swab into the liquid and write your secret message on a piece of white paper
    3. allow the paper to dry . dont place it anywhere warm!
    4. when the ink is completely dry , hold the paper near somthing warm , like a lamp or a heat resister . dont get too close - you dont want the paper to catch fire!
    5. watch your message appear

    The gross version
    lets say you were held captive in a tower and you had nothing with which to write . you have to get a message to your friends. what can you do? Use sweat or saliva instead of lemon or onion juice YUCK
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